The process of making models takes much time and efforts as well as quite a sum of money. However, this process can be facilitated and simplified together with lowing the costs if you try to answer a number of questions before going to the model workshop. What do you need a model for? A required accuracy degree along with a choice of materials and many other details depend on the place you are going to expose your model and the way you will be doing it. If you want your model to be the main decoration of your office or to be a part of some permanent exposition, you are ill-advised to economize on materials, structure elements and spot lighting. A plastic model with the use of additional elements (trees, cars, human figures, street lights) surely costs no less than a few thousand dollars. But then, if used properly it will keep its bright colors and the form for a long time and will not fall apart. However, if a model is needed for one exhibition only or for a project presentation, it can be made of cardboard as well. In this case it will look the same beautiful but its serviceable life will be shorter. Accuracy degree and detail elaboration depend on how distant viewers will be from a model. All these factors influence the prize of a model and can actually multiply it.

The less time you give us for making a model, the more expensive the cost of model-makers’ labor becomes. Besides, it can be not feasible to complete some tasks faster than in a certain time period without disrupting the technology of manufacturing. Therefore, if you want a real quality model, you’d rather not start working on it in two days before an exhibition or other event. Eventually the quality and price of your model depends on your ability to give us a clear idea about what you need yet at the very outset of negotiations.

Изготовление макетов коттеджей и коттеджных поселков

Изготовление градостроительных макетов

Изготовление макетов промышленных объектов

Изготовление макетов различных городских объектов


Architectural models workshop


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